Instant feeless microtransactions

Powered by Flash Channels

Flash, What?

Flash channels provide a way to transact for free in high frequency without computing PoW constantly. This reduces the transaction overhead to a negligible level by creating transactions off network. The resulting channels free up users to transact securely with instantly.

Fast, Really Fast

Flash Channels work by creating transactions off tangle. This frees up devices, such as sensors, to transact without the burden of fees or continual Proof of Work.

No Trust Needed

Flash defines trustless relationships with transacting partners. Using economic insentives Flash allows for users to safely transact offline.

101% Fee Free

In IOTA you trade a small amount of computing power for the privilege to transact on the network. No fees or third parties required for confirmation.

See it in action

Below are some articles about IOTA that have content protected by a microtransaction paywall. SatoshiPay pioneered this system using Bitcoin, but now they can get instant and feeless transactions using IOTA.
You have 0i IOTA

Welcome to the Satoshipay IOTA Demo

This is a Proof-of-Concept of the SatoshiPay micropayment system. The IOTA wallet used in this demo is working on the testnet and is using Flash Channels to pay for confirm payment in realtime.